In Terror In New York City, (after Thunderbird 2 crash lands back on Tracy Island) two cars can be seen in Thunderbird 2's hangar.

This is the only episode where cars are seen on Tracy Island, except when FAB 1 was brought to the island in Introducing Thunderbirds.

The white station wagon is a Corgi Safari Ambulance, and the red car beside it is a Matchbox model No. 59 Fire Chief's car.


Toy RangeEdit

Corgi No. 475 Citroen Safari Winter Olympics.

Matchbox No. 59 Fire Chief's Car.

Citroen safari
Matchbox 59

2004 MovieEdit


Mk1 Thunderbird convertible

In the 2004 live-action movie Thunderbirds, a Ford Mk1 Thunderbird convertible (hardtop version) is seen parked in Thunderbird 2's hangar.

Ford EX

The car used by Mullion to chase after the kids through the Tracy Island jungle is a Ford EX, a concept car that never went into production. It was first presented to the world at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show.


Tracy Island Watercraft (2004)Edit