This is a list of all the Goofs seen in episode Trapped in the Sky, including: Continuity errors and on-screen errors.

  • Kyrano comments that Jeff must be proud to be one of the world's first men to land on the moon. However, given the passage of time on our side, many other astronauts have been to the moon before Jeff's birth in 2009.
  • One of the passengers in the departure lounge at London Airport is reading a newspaper. Curiously, it has the front page on the wrong side: it is on the left instead of on the right.
  • When the towed target is shot out the sky by the fighter pilot of the TX-204, a piece of the target shoots off into the top left of the screen and bounces off the sky background.
  • Near the end of the episode, Jeff activates Operation Cover-up to change the wall-mounted pictures of the International Rescue members from the usual pictures of them in their uniforms to ones of them in casual clothing before a doctor has just examined Kyrano enters the room. However, while he and Jeff are talking, a couple of shots of Scott and Gordon, and a shot of Jeff, contain enough of the picture to show that they have reverted back the ones of them in uniform.

  • Several shots of Thunderbird 1 have the "T" of "Thunderbird" painted on the nose cone, yet in all the other shots the nose cone has no markings on it.
  • When The Hood is seen wearing his airport police jacket, it has a five-pointed star on. In the next shot, it's changed to a six-pointed star.
  • In one shot where The Hood is seen photographing Thunderbird 1, on his hat, it says: "Airport Police" on the lens. In one of the next shots, the words on the lens have disappeared.

  • As The Hood enters Thunderbird 1, the cockpit is stationed in its vertical position, as opposed to horizontal when the craft lands.
  • Rather oddly, despite being a very long motorway that normally has a lot of cars driving up and down it, the M1 is shown to have no other cars driving up and down it.

  • When Scott and Lady Penelope communicate with eachother via mobile control, the timing on the lips sync between the two characters during the split screen effect is severely out of place.
  • When Gordon and Scott are shown playing chess near the end of the episode, the chess board is oriented incorrectly, as for both players, there is a white square in the bottom-left corner.
  • When Bob Meddings boards the Fireflash Aircraft and grabs hold of the pipe, it is red both on the puppet-sized set and in the close-up shot of his hands grabbing it, but in the close-up shot of his hands pulling him along the pipe, it is silver.
  • Matt Zimmerman is given credit at the end of the episode, even though he was not a part of the cast at this point. In fact, Alan, whom Matt went on to voice later on in the series, was voiced by Ray Barrett.