This page is a transcription of Trapped in the Sky

Part 1

[Scene opens to a temple in a dense jungle. Scene cuts to the main interior. Camera pans over from a Buddhism-related statue to the main hall. A bald man (The Hood) is standing in front of a statue concealed by a bead curtain. The man raises his hands. The bead curtain swishes open and the statue is lit up.]

The Hood: "International Rescue. If only I knew their secrets... I would be the wealthiest man in the world... And you, Kyrano, my own brother are in their midst. But because of your misguided loyalties, you refuse to help me! But I have a power over you, that will make you speak. Soon you will be under my influence. Even though you are far away, you cannot escape me. Kyrano... Kyrano!"

[The statue glows red as he speaks. Scene cuts to the Tracy Island Villa lounge. International Rescue founder Jeff Tracy is reading a letter to his man-servant, Kyrano.]

Jeff Tracy: "Kyrano. I've just had news that Tin-Tin will be leaving London on Wednesday. That means she'll be home on Friday."

Kyrano: "That is good news indeed, Mr. Tracy. How can I ever repay you for your kindness to my daughter?"

Jeff Tracy: "Well, she's got a good start, Kyrano. An education in the finest American university, and a European tour to her credit."

Kyrano: "Mr. Tracy, you are the finest man I have ever had the privilege to work for."

Jeff Tracy: "And you, Kyrano, are the loyalest."

Kyrano: "Argh...!"

Jeff Tracy: "Kyrano. What's wrong? Kyrano!"

[Kyrano falls to the floor. Jeff hurries to his side. Scene cuts to The Hood's temple.]

The Hood: "Kyrano. As from this moment, you are in my power. Now... when does International Rescue start operating? Speak, Kyrano."

[Scene cuts back to Tracy Island. Kyrano is writhing in agony and Jeff is crouching beside him.]

Jeff Tracy: "What's wrong, Kyrano?"

[Scene cuts back to the temple. The Hood has his frown expression on.]

The Hood: "What is wrong?! Why don't you speak?!"

Kyrano: "No! No!"

[The Hoods eyes start to glow. Cue highly strung violins.]

The Hood: "When will International Rescue start operating?!"

Kyrano: "They are ready! International Rescue is ready to start... operating!"

[Scene cuts to London International Airport. The grand Fireflash is standing in front of the terminal; scene cuts to inside the terminal.]

Tannoy: "Terrainean Airways announces the departure of flight 608 to Tokyo. Will all passengers proceed to the departure lounge."

[Camera pans over to Tin-Tin Kyrano.]

Air Terrainean Guide: "Miss Tin-Tin Kyrano?"

Tin-Tin Kyrano: "Yes?"

Air Terrainean Guide: "This is your flight. You're lucky, it's the maiden flight of the new atomic-powered Fireflash."

Tin-Tin Kyrano: "Isn't that the new aircraft that flies six times the speed of sound?"

Air Terrainean Guide: "That's right, but don't worry. It's perfectly safe."

[Scene cuts to the landing gear compartment of the Fireflash. The Hood is busy planting a bomb.]

The Hood: "Perfect. Enough explosives to smash the atomic reactor. If this doesn't bring International Rescue on the scene, nothing will."

[The Hood climbs out of the landing gear compartment. Cue Fireflash take-off theme. The Fireflash starts up its atomic motors, taxis to the end of a runway and takes off. Scene cuts to cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-Pilot: "Through the sound barrier. Mach 1.2, 40,000 feet. Mach 2.8, 2.9... Mach 3... Reheat."

Captain Hanson: "Reheat."

[Pushes a switch. The Fireflash's tail thrusters ignite.] Fireflash Co-Pilot: "Mach 5.3, height 200,000 feet."

Captain Hanson: "Level off."

[Scene cuts to the lounge.]

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have now completed our take-off procedure, and are flying at a height of 250,000 feet. You may now unfasten your safety belt, and smoke if you wish."

[Scene cuts to a phone booth near the airport. The Hood is making a call.]

The Hood: "Is that the control tower?"

Commander Norman: "Yes?"

The Hood: "I just thought you would like to know that a bomb has been placed in the landing gear of the Fireflash that has just taken off for Tokyo. When it touches down, it will explode and blow the aircraft into a million pieces... and release radioactive material over a large area."

[The call ends. The Hood takes off his disguise. Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "OK, on course."

Captain Hanson: "Right. Switch to automatic flight plan." [Stands up.] "Well, I uh... I'm going up front to have a word with the passengers."

Fireflash Co-pilot: "Passengers, or passenger? I saw her too, she's kinda cute."

Commander Norman: "London Tower to Fireflash. Reduce speed to low safe cruising. [London Airport.] Return to London and reduce to 30,000 feet. [Fireflash cockpit.] It is reported that you have a bomb in your landing gear. It may be a hoax, but we can't take any chances."

Captain Hanson: "Roger, London Tower. What's the action?"

Commander Norman: [on radio] "Stand by on this frequency."

Captain Hanson: "Fireflash standing by."

[London Tower.]

Commander Norman: [into intercom] "Alert all emergency services."

[Scene cuts to various emergency vehicles speeding into action; then, to Tin-Tin in the Fireflash lounge.]

Tin-Tin Kyrano: "I don't understand it. Something must be wrong. We're losing height."

Announcer: "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please. We have developed a minor technical fault and are returning to London. Please fasten your safety belts."

Fireflash Passenger: "Say, you're right. Oh, but I guess it's nothing to worry about."

Tin-Tin Kyrano: "Well, I hope not. It's a very long way down from here."

[Scene cuts to the International Rescue space station, Thunderbird 5. John Tracy is monitoring global communications when one particular signal draws his attention.]

Commander Norman: "Fireflash, this is London Tower. We're ready to take a reflective X-ray shot of your wings. Lower your landing gear and overfly the airport at zero feet."

Captain Hanson: "Roger, London Tower. This sure is some maiden flight..."

[Scene cuts to Tracy Island. Jeff Tracy is standing in front of a painting of a space rocket, deep in thought.]

Kyrano: "You miss those days, eh, Mr. Tracy? You must be proud to have been one of the world's first men to land on the moon."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, it's all a long time ago, Kyrano. A long time ago. A cable for me?"

Kyrano: "Yes sir. From London."

Jeff Tracy: "Now listen, Kyrano. I've arranged for a specialist to be flown out here and give you a check-up."

Kyrano: "Oh-ho, I'm fine, Mr. Tracy. Just a dizzy spell."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, you just watch it. You oughta keep well for your daughter's homecoming. [Looks at letter.] Oh, this is from Tin-Tin. She's on her way from London. Hey, she's flying in the new Fireflash.... Gee, that's a great aircraft."

[Scene cuts to control tower.]

Captain Hanson: "London Tower from Fireflash. Coming in now. Landing gear down and locked. Stand by."

Commander Norman: "Roger. Lift your starboard wing so we can get a good shot." [To Harris] "Ready with the automatic X-ray?"

Harris: "Yes sir."

[Fireflash approaches the control tower.]

Commander Norman: [pointing] "Here she comes."

[Fireflash flies past the control tower. They take a picture.]

Commander Norman: "It looks hopeful. Put it on the screen."

Harris: "Yes sir."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "What's keeping them?"

Captain Hanson: "They'll call as soon as they know. Let's not get jumpy."

[Scene cuts to control tower. The image taken displays the wing compartment with the bomb attached.]

Commander Norman: "There it is. This is no hoax!"

[Scene cuts to Fireflash in flight. Cuts to the wing compartment then on the bomb before fading out.]

Part 2

Commander Norman: "Right. Divert all aircraft from London. Contact Central Control. I want everyone excluding essential personnel and all civilians in a five-mile radius of the airport evacuated immediately. Use code RH: Radiation Hazard.

Harris: "Yes sir."

Commander Norman: "Fireflash, this is London Tower. Confirming there IS a bomb. [Fireflash cockpit, on radio] It's placed in the hydraulic system of your landing gear."

Captain Hanson: "Roger, London Tower. Permission for emergency landing."

[London Tower.]

Commander Norman: "That's impossible, Fireflash. The bomb is so placed, that the impact of landing would cause it to detonate. Remain in vicinity of London Airport at 30,000 feet."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5. John is listening.]

Captain Hanson: "Well, what's gonna happen? We can't just stay up here forever."

Commander Norman: "What is your endurance?"

Captain Hanson: "Well, with our atomic motors, we can stay up here for six months. But the anti-radiation shield on the reactor will need servicing in two hours, ten minutes, or our passengers will be subjected to radiation exposure."

[John looks out on the earth. Camera then zooms in on Fireflash's cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "What are we going to do?"

Captain Hanson: "I don't know. We can't reach the bomb, we can't land, and if we stay up here we get radiation exposure. Whichever way you look at it, we don't stand a chance."

[London Tower.]

Commander Norman [to himself]: "They haven't got a chance. We've just got to sit here and wait for them to die."

Captain Hanson: "London Tower from Fireflash. Now circling at 30,000 feet. Radiation safety factor now two hours."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 5.]

Captain Hanson [on console]: "As far as I can see, London, nothing can save us now short of a miracle."

John Tracy: [to himself] "That's just what you might get."

[Scene cuts to Jeff Tracy's office. He is reviewing a document.]

Jeff Tracy: "Top Secret. Subject: International Rescue. Our equipment is way ahead of its time. In the wrong hands, it could be utilised to destroy life."

[John's portrait beeps repeatedly. Jeff presses a button behind his desk, the ornament next to him lifts up, revealing an intercom.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

[He is connected to John in the space station.]

John Tracy: "We have our first emergency call, father. The new Fireflash Mach 6 atomic airliner is in distress at London Airport."

Jeff Tracy: "The Fireflash? Why, that's Tin-Tin's aircraft."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Yeah, that's right, London. I reckon that's our only chance. We're gonna try some violent manoeuvres to try and shake the bomb loose."

Commander Norman: "Roger, Fireflash. Good luck."

[Scene cuts to Jeff Tracy's office. His sons: Scott, Virgil, Alan and Gordon Tracy are present as well as Brains.]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, boys. That's the brief. It's our first assignment, so make it good. As you know, your uniforms are in your craft, and must only be worn on call."

Scott Tracy: "Right, father."

Alan Tracy: "OK, father."

Virgil Tracy: "Sure thing, dad."

Gordon Tracy: "Yeah, father."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Scott. Away you go. And keep in touch."

Scott Tracy [gets up out of his chair] "Yes sir."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, Brains, your phenomenal mind made all this possible. Now you're going to see it in operation."

[Scott leaves the room via a swivelling portrait.]

Alan Tracy: "Good luck, Scott."

Virgil Tracy: "Take it easy, Scott."

[Scene cuts to Scott swivelling around on the portrait and boards a gantry that leads to International Rescue's hypersonic reconnaissance craft, Thunderbird 1. Cue Thunderbird 1 launch theme. A hatch in the side of Thunderbird 1 opens and Scott enters. Scene cuts to outside of the Tracy Villa and pans round to behind the swimming pool. The pool begins to recline. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1 moving down on a pulley to its launch hangar beneath the pool. It then takes off with Scott on board.]

Scott Tracy: [into radio] "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. Changing to horizontal flight."

[Scott pushes both levers and Thunderbird 1 switches to horizontal flight. Cuts to cockpit.]

Scott Tracy: [into radio] "International Rescue Space Station. This is Thunderbird 1. Give me the low-down, John."

[Thunderbird 5.]

John Tracy: [into radio microphone] "Thunderbird 1 from Space Station. They're trying to dislodge the bomb by aerobatics, but they're not having much success."

[Scene cuts to Jeff Tracy's office. Scott's portrait is beeping.]

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Scott."


Scott Tracy: "I'll be arriving at London Airport in 52 minutes. But it looks like I'll need heavy rescue."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Scott. I'll organise that right away. Virgil, away you go."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, father."

[Cue "Thunderbirds are Go!" rearrangement. Virgil walks over to the rocket portrait and stands by it. This tips over onto a slide which Virgil slides backwards on then swivels round to the left, allowing him to continue feet first to International Rescue's heavy duty transporter, Thunderbird 2. Once inside the cockpit, the bottom of the slide tucks in and swivels like on a hinge onto the pilot seat. Virgil pushes a white-capped lever to his left and brings the craft to life. The slide retracts. Virgil's uniform is then raised. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2's hangar. A large trolley begins to pull a selection of six green pods along to Thunderbird 2. Once it has stopped with Pod 3 below Thunderbird 2's main body, Virgil (now in uniform) presses a button to his right and Thunderbird 2's main body descends around Pod 3. Scene cuts to exterior of the hangar. The cliff hangar begins to descend into a trench and the hangar door is lowered. Thunderbird 2 then moves forward. The palm tree's on either side of the runway recline back so Thunderbird 2 can pass through. Once at the end, it is pointed towards the sky on a launch pad. A section of the runway just behind Thunderbird 2's tail engines opens up and Thunderbird 2 blasts off. Scene cuts to control tower.]

Commander Norman: "Fantastic! That's just about the most fantastic scheme I've heard to date."

Bob Meddings: "Well, sir... can you think of anything better?"

Commander Norman: "May I remind you how to speak to your superiors. You come up here and put a hair-brained scheme that stands a million to one chance of success, and expect me to jump for joy."

Bob Meddings: "Well, with due respect sir, a million to one chance is better than no chance at all."

Captain Hanson: [on monitor] "London Tower from Fireflash... what now?"

Commander Norman: "Fireflash from London Tower. Maintain present height and position. I may have some news for you in a moment. Continue standing by.

Captain Hanson: "Standing by."

Commander Norman: "Right, Meddings. Let's have it again, but slowly."

Bob Meddings: "This is the idea. We get a TX-204 target carrying aircraft, and divert it to London. Then we..."

Commander Norman: "Harris, are there any TX-204 in the area?"

Harris: "Yes sir, there is target practice going on at this moment, just off the coast a hundred miles south of us."

[Scene cuts to a TX-204 cockpit.]

Target-One Co-pilot: "Approaching intercept position."

Target-One Pilot: "OK, release target."

[A target aircraft slowly exits from the rear of the TX-204.]

Target-One Pilot: "You know, I think this excitement is going to kill me... I joined the Air Force for adventure, and all I do is tow targets around all day long."

[The target aircraft begins to slowly descend.]

Target-One Pilot: "Interceptor One from Target One. Target aircraft released."

Interceptor One Pilot: "Roger, Target One. Coming in for attack, Target One. Permission to open fire."

Target-One Co-pilot: "OK, go ahead, and good shooting."

[Scene cuts to target aircraft being destroyed by a missile.]

Target-One Pilot: "Interceptor One, this is Target One. Direct hit."

Interceptor One Pilot: "Thanks, Target One. Returning to base."

Target-One Pilot: "Well, guess that's it. Let's go home."

Commander Norman: [on radio] "Target One, this is London Tower. Set course for London Airport. This is an emergency."

Target-One Pilot: "Yes-sir! London Tower."

[Scene cuts to London Tower.]

Commander Norman: "Well, Meddings... you understand the risks involved?"

Bob Meddings: "Perfectly, sir."

Commander Norman: "Alright. Get in to your flying gear. The harness should have been adapted by now. Then, get a truck to run you out to the end of Two-Nine."

Bob Meddings: "Yes sir. Thank you, sir."

Commander Norman: "Erm... Meddings."

Bob Meddings: "Yes sir?"

Commander Norman: "Thank you."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Commander Norman: "Fireflash, this is London Tower. We're going to attempt to put a man into the wing of your aircraft, in order to remove the bomb."

Captain Hanson: "But that's suicide! He wouldn't stand a chance."

Commander Norman: "There is a chance, Fireflash. A very slender one, but one we must take."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. ETA London Airport now 41 minutes. Any more news?"

[Scene cuts to Jeff's office.]

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, Scott. John has reported in from the space station [cuts to Tracy Villa Lounge.] that a rescue attempt is going to be made. It seems from transmissions intercepted that they're gonna try and put a man aboard Fireflash. How, we don't yet know. But continue on your present course. It doesn't look too hopeful."

Scott Tracy: [on portrait] "Well, let's hope they succeed. I'll keep in touch."

[Scene cuts to London Airport.]

Harris: "Target One from London Tower."

Target-One Pilot: "Roger."

Harris: "Meddings is aboard, sir."

Commander Norman: "Right. Target One from London Tower. You're clear to go. Wait for a green light, and... good luck. I'll make no further transmissions, so as to keep the frequency clear for you and Fireflash. This is London Tower, listening out."

Target-One Pilot: [To Meddings] "Look, erm... there's no time for introductions, but I'd like you to know we're right with you."

Bob Meddings: "Thanks."

Target-One Co-pilot: "Green light."

Target-One Pilot: "Full power!"

[Target One takes off. Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "You realise the passengers are gonna see what's going on?"

Captain Hanson: "Yeah, yeah. I know. I've been dreading this moment.... [into intercom microphone] Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. I have a very important announcement to make. We're still unable to land, but every effort is being made to ensure your safety. In the meantime, please remain calm."

Fireflash Passenger: "Say, look! There's another aircraft dead ahead of us."

[Scene shows the TX-204 quite a distance from the Fireflash.]

Target-One Pilot: "OK, Fireflash. Hold her dead steady. Maintain low safe-cruising. Any adjustments to be made will be done from our end. [The rear doors of the TX-204 open with Meddings in the foreground and the Fireflash in the background distance] Lieutenant Meddings, who is making this attempt, will be in contact with us both, on this frequency."

Captain Hanson: "Roger. Now at low safe-cruising and steady."

Target-One Pilot: "Here we go! OK Bob, stand by."

Bob Meddings: "OK. Ready."

Target-One Pilot: "Away you go."

[Meddings exits the plane from the rear, attached to a cable.]

Bob Meddings: "OK, winch out."

Target-One Pilot: "Start winches."

Target-One Co-pilot: "Right."

[Meddings begins to be winched to Fireflash. Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "Running into turbulence...!"

[Scene cuts to Meddings.]

Bob Meddings: "Left left, one degree... right right, two degrees... right, hold present course. Stand by to stop winches."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Hold her steady, here he comes."

[Scene cuts to exterior of the Fireflash. This sequence takes a long time indeed. When Meddings comes under the wing hatch...]

Bob Meddings: "Stop winches."

[TX-204 cockpit.]

Target-One Pilot: "Stop winches!"

[The winch is stopped.]

Bob Meddings: "OK, Fireflash. Open number four inspection hatch. Keep her steady... one false move now and I've had it."

Captain Hanson: "Open number four hatch. Check trim."

[Scene cuts to hatch door opening.]

Bob Meddings: "I'm going to try and board now. Target One, give me more cable, a foot at a time."

Target-One Pilot: "Coming up now."

Bob Meddings: "Again... again... one more time. Hold it... OK. Count of five, and then up. Five, four, three, two, one... now!"

[Meddings comes up through the hatch and grabs hold of a pipe with both hands.]

Bob Meddings: "Cut cable!"

Captain Hanson: "Bob, are you OK?"

Bob Meddings: "OK... I'm aboard. I can't see the bomb. Keep her steady. I'm trying to get a little higher. Still can't see it..."

Captain Hanson: "It's probably located near the master cylinders, on the yellow hydraulics system."

[Meddings heaves himself up some machinery and sees the bomb.]

Bob Meddings: "I can see it! I'm going to try and get nearer." [Reaches for a nearby pipe but cannot reach.] "It's no good. It's no good, I can't reach. I'd have to dismantle the pump to get anywhere near it. Hold on, I'm going to try around the other side."

[Meddings grabs a pipe, which gives way. He falls out of the aircraft.]

Captain Hanson: "He's fallen! His chute has failed!"

[Meddings's parachute opens and he falls safely to earth.]

Captain Hanson: "At least he made it...."

Fireflash Co-pilot: "Sure was a good try."

Captain Hanson: "London Tower, this is Fireflash. The rescue attempt has failed. Bob Meddings appears to be safe. Our radiation safety factor is now down to thirty minutes. Over."

[London Tower.]

Commander Norman: "Roger, Fireflash. There's now only one alternative left to us. This area has now been evacuated. Return to London Airport, and land. The only chance that now exists is that the bomb will fail to explode."

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft approaching from the east. Height 2,500 feet, speed 7... point 5 thousand miles per hour!"

Commander Norman: [can't believe what he's hearing] "7,500 miles an hour? Have you gone crazy?"

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1.]

Scott Tracy: "London Tower from Thunderbird 1. Approaching London Airport. Height 2,500 feet. Airspeed 7,500 miles per hour. We'll be touching down in two minutes."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1's wings opening, then back to cockpit.]

Scott Tracy: "London Tower, this is International Rescue. Fireflash is in trouble, and we are equipped to help you. Request permission to land."

[Control tower.]

Commander Norman: "International Rescue? What is this?"

Assistant Controller: "That must be the aircraft I just picked up."

Commander Norman: "This I must see. International Rescue, you are cleared to land. Use runway Two-Nine."

Scott Tracy [On monitor]: "Will not require runway. Coming in vertically."

[Thunderbird 1 descends. Scene cuts to the Hood surveying the airport.]

The Hood: "As I thought. International Rescue are arriving on the scene. Part two of my plan about to commence. Heh, heh, heh."

[Thunderbird 1 lands.]

Scott Tracy: "London Tower from International Rescue. Now, listen carefully. I want men and transport to take my portable equipment to your control tower. And I want an assurance from you that you will place guards on my aircraft to ensure that no photographs are taken."

[Control tower.]

Commander Norman: "International Rescue, please give me information about your organisation. We cannot grant facilities without knowing more details."

[Thunderbird 1. Scott has his frown expression on.]

Scott Tracy: [heated] "Look, there are 600 people up there with about 40 minutes to live! Now, you can't help them, but we believe we can. Now what's it gonna be?"

Commander. Norman: "All right, International Rescue. But I just hope you know what you're doing."

[Three police cars take up position around Thunderbird 1. The Hood is in one of them, dressed in a police uniform.]

The Hood: [to himself] Now, to make sure that no-one takes photographs of Thunderbird 1... except me, of course! Heh, heh, heh."

[A close up reveals there's a camera hidden in his cap. He takes several pictures of Thunderbird 1. Scene fades out.]

Part 3.

[Scott is in the control tower with Commander Norman and his assistants.]

Scott Tracy: "Now, let's recap. Fireflash has another thirty minutes before its radiation safety factor expires."

Commander Norman: "Right."

Scott Tracy: "Now, the specialised gear I require for the rescue will be here in twenty minutes. Leaving us just ten minutes to put our rescue into operation." [He picks up a microphone.] "Thunderbird 2, this is Mobile Control."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 cockpit.]

Scott Tracy: [on radio.] "Confirm estimated time of arrival London Airport."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott. Arriving in nineteen and one half minutes from now."

Scott Tracy: [on radio] "Now, as soon as you arrive, unload high-speed Elevator Car with two radio-controlled subsidiaries."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Then, proceed to end of runway Two-Nine and report."

Virgil Tracy: [on radio] "Thunderbird 1, F.A.B."

Scott Tracy: "Fireflash, this is International Rescue, Mobile Control."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Scott Tracy: [On radio.] "In approximately eighteen minutes from now, I will request you to land using runway Two-Nine."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "You are to come in with your landing gear up. Repeat: landing gear up. Make a completely normal approach, and keep your head..."

Captain Hanson [On radio.]: "Message understood. What's the action?"

Scott Tracy: "Now listen carefully. We can't afford any mistakes."

[Scene cuts to Thunderbird 1. The Hood has entered the cockpit and is taking pictures. This sets off the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1 and the photo alert on Mobile Control.]

Scott Tracy: "The Automatic Camera Detector! Quick, someone's photographing the instrument panel of Thunderbird 1! It's imperative that you get this man and stop him!"

Commander Norman [Into radio.]: "Airport Police, this is the control tower. Someone is taking photographs inside the International Rescue aircraft. Grab him, and bring him in for questioning."

[The Hood climbs in his police car and drives off. Another police car chases after him. Scene cuts to Thunderbird 2 landing in a massive cloud of smoke. Cuts briefly to the exterior of the control tower where Scott, Commander Norman and Harris look on before Thunderbird 2's main body begins to ascend. Cue Fireflash take-off theme. Once it is fully raised, the pod door to Pod 3 is lowered. Two Elevator Cars then move out, with Virgil in the Master one. Scene cuts to control tower.]

Policeman: [On radio.] "London Tower from Airport Mobile Police. We have lost contact with pursued car. Vehicle was last seen turning onto M1, heading towards Birmingham."

Commander Norman: "Message received and understood." [He turns to Scott.] "I'm sorry. We did our best."

Scott Tracy: "OK, leave this to me."

[He presses a button on his Mobile Control console and it lights up with a symbol of a dark teapot in the centre. Scene cuts a large stately home mansion. Camera pans over from the luxurious furniture and carpet to International Rescue's London Agent Lady Penelope Creighton- Ward. She is pouring tea. The teapot starts to beep. She twists the knob on top.]

Scott Tracy: "Mobile Control calling International Rescue, England."

Lady Penelope: "International Rescue. Lady Penelope speaking."

[Scene subsequently shows a half of Scott in the control tower.

Scott Tracy: "Require your assistance. Man with photographic record of Thunderbird 1 proceeding along M1 motorway, in your direction. Car registration: 695 CMO. Over."

Lady Penelope: "Mobile Control, F.A.B." (To herself:) "Oh dear, how inconvenient. Just as I'm expecting visitors. Three coach-loads, too... oh well."

[The living room doors open. The butler, Aloysius Parker, is there.]

Parker: "You called, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes Parker. Get the Rolls-Royce. We are going for a little drive."

[Cuts to Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Mobile Control from Fireflash. We have only five minutes left. Unless you can start rescue operation immediately, we've had it."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Stand by, Fireflash. Thunderbird 2 from Mobile Control. Are you ready, Virgil?"

[Scene cuts to runway Two-Nine. A second subsidiary Elevator Car has joined the first and Master ones, in triangular formation. Scene cuts to Virgil, in the Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "Mobile Control and Fireflash. This is Thunderbird 2. I'm ready."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 from Control, F.A.B. Control to Fireflash, commence your approach. And good luck. After acknowledgement of this transmission, do not make any further calls. Whatever happens, keep this frequency clear."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Roger, Control. Starting approach now. And however it turns out, thanks."

[Fireflash descends.]

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft approaching glide path, five miles to threshold."

Scott Tracy: "Stand by, Virgil. Fireflash on final approach."

[Scene cuts to runway two-nine. Virgil sees that there is a fault on Elevator Car 3.]

Virgil Tracy: "Scott, I've got a fault on Number 3."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "OK, checking out. Fireflash, continue your approach."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash co-pilot: "On glide path. Rate of descent 300 feet a minute."

Captain Hanson: "Check."

Fireflash Co-pilot: "What did they mean when they said they had a fault?"

Captain Hanson: [almost preferring to not acknowledge it] "Left left, two degrees."

[Control tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft on glide path. Three and a half miles to threshold."

Scott Tracy: "Stand by crash tenders."

Commander Norman: "Crash tenders to centre of runway two-nine."

Crash Tenders: "Roger."

[Scene cuts to runway Two-Nine. Two ambulances and fire tenders start up and accelerate to the end. Scene cuts to control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "And what's the situation, Virgil?"

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "Fault cleared."

Scott Tracy: [On radio.] "What was it?"

Virgil Tracy: "Don't know. It's just cleared."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Well, let's hope it holds up."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash descending then back to Master Elevator Car.]

Scott Tracy: [On radio.] "Stand by, Virgil. Fireflash one and one half miles from threshold.... one and one quarter miles from threshold...."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash cockpit briefly then back to Master Elevator Car.]

Scott Tracy: [On radio.] "One mile from threshold. Start tracking."

Virgil Tracy: "Mobile Control, F.A.B."

[Virgil moves forward in the Elevator Car. The other two follow behind, with Fireflash not far away.]

[Control Tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Fireflash 700 yards from threshold. Airspeed 130 knots."

Scott Tracy: "Increase to 108."

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "F.A.B."

[Scene cuts to all three Cars gaining speed. Cuts to the threshold of the runway as Fireflash soars over it. Cuts twice between the Cars accelerating and Fireflash descending before cutting to an overhead shot of the Fireflash above the Cars. Virgil has his frown expression on. He looks to his right. Elevator Car 2 is in position. He looks to his left. Elevator Car 3 is in position.]

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Virgil Tracy: [On radio.] "OK, Fireflash,

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "cut engines."

[Fireflash attempts to land on the three Elevator Cars, but Number 3 suddenly swerves off course.]

Virgil Tracy: "Fireflash, overshoot, OVERSHOOT!"

[Fireflash aborts its landing attempt at the last second. Elevator Car 3 slams into a parked Jumbo Jet, and explodes.]

Virgil Tracy: "Sorry, Scott. Radio fault again in Number Three control system."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "OK, Virgil. Backtrack to starting point, and bring stand-by Elevator Car into use. Fireflash, this is Mobile Control,"

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Scott Tracy: [On radio] "what is your radiation safety factor now?"

Captain Hanson: "Mobile Control, radiation factor is expired. If we're not down in a couple of minutes,

[Control tower.]

Captain Hanson [On monitor] "passengers and crew will have received fatal exposure."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Fireflash. Commence second approach."

Captain Hanson [On monitor]: "Roger."

[Fireflash descends again.]

Commander Norman: "Crash crews, return to stand-by position. Let those aircraft burn. Fireflash is carrying passengers, they're not."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "Mobile Control, turning for second approach."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Clear for second approach. No further transmissions, please."

[Scene cuts to runway two-nine. The crash crews are returning to stand-by positions, as are Virgil and Elevator Car 2. A fourth Elevator Car moves out of Pod 3 and joins the other two.]

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "OK, here we go. And this time is the last time...."

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft approaching glide path. Four miles to threshold."

[Scene cuts to Fireflash descending then back to control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Stand by, Virgil. Fireflash on final approach."

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy:"OK, Scott. Standing by."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "On glide path. Rate of descent 400 feet a minute."

[Control tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Aircraft on glide path. Three miles to threshold."

Scott Tracy: "Stand by, crash tenders."

Commander Norman [Into radio.] : "Crash tenders to centre of Two-Nine."

Crash Tender Chief [On monitor.]: "Roger."

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Fireflash Co-pilot: "Runway ahead, two miles."

[Scene cuts to runway two-nine then to Fireflash descending before back to control tower.]

Scott Tracy [Into radio.]: "Fireflash now one mile from threshold. Start tracking."

Virgil Tracy: "Mobile Control, F.A.B."

[The three Cars get going.]

[Control tower.]

Assistant Controller: "Fireflash 500 yards from threshold. Airspeed 120 knots."

Scott Tracy: "Increase to 105."

Virgil Tracy: "105. F.A.B."

[Scene cuts to Master Elevator Car accelerating. Cuts to Fireflash flying over the runway, then to the three Cars, then to Fireflash, then to the Master Elevator Car. Virgil has his frown expression on. Cue On Final Approach theme. Fireflash flies over the three Cars. Virgil looks to his left. Elevator Car 4 is in position. He looks to his right. Elevator Car 2 is in position.]

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Virgil Tracy [On radio]: "Fireflash from Thunderbird 2,"

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil: "cut engines!"

[The right wing of Fireflash lands successfully on Elevator Car 2. The main body lands successfully on the Master Elevator Car. Virgil looks to his left. The port wing is not over Elevator Car 4 and it drops slightly.]

Virgil Tracy: "Fireflash, lift port wing! LIFT PORT WING!"

[Fireflash raises its port wing and Virgil accelerates Car 4 to the correct position.]

Virgil Tracy: "Cut power!"

[The port wing lands successfully on Elevator Car 4.]

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Fireflash-"

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Virgil Tracy [On monitor]: "-reverse thrust!"

[Scene cuts to runway exterior. Fireflash activates its reverse thrusters, but it isn't enough to slow it down.]

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "I'm applying brakes down here."

[All three Cars brake hard. But it still isn't enough.]

[Fireflash cockpit.]

Captain Hanson: "We're not gonna make it! We're running out of runway!"

[Scene cuts to runway exterior. Fireflash almost slips off the front Car.]

[Master Elevator Car.]

Virgil Tracy: "Hold tight, Fireflash! Applying maximum brakes!"

[Simultaneously, all three Cars brake at their hardest. Scene cuts briefly to the wing compartment where the bomb is, then a close up shot of the front Car's wheels scraping along the runway surface. They suddenly blow up. Virgil looks to his left. Elevator Car 4's wheels succumb to the strain and blow up. The lead elevator car blows out some tyres and spins out of control. The nose cone of the Fireflash slams down onto the runway, as the Master Elevator Car smashes into it and veers to the left off the runway, before swerving, rolling over and landing on its roof. Scene cuts to wing compartment, the bomb is being shaken around slightly. Scene cuts to a close up shot of the Fireflash's nose cone scraping along the runway surface. Fireflash comes to a stop. The bomb slips out of position but doesn't drop or detonate.]

Commander Norman: [Heavily relieved] "They made it. They made it!" [To Scott] "Jolly good show, old boy!"

Harris: "And what a show..."

Scott Tracy: "Are you OK, Virgil?"

[Master Elevator Car. Virgil has been tossed out of his seat and is upside down, but OK.]

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott. Good timing."

Scott Tracy [On radio]: "Great, Virgil."

[Control tower.]

Scott Tracy: "Just great."

[Crash crews arrive at the Fireflash. Scene cuts back to control tower.]

Commander Norman: "How can we ever thank you?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, I'll tell you. It's essential for the reason I explained to you that our organization remains top secret. I want you to contact your authorities and make sure there are no aircraft within a hundred mile radius when we leave, and their assurance that we will not be tracked. Whatever happens, secrecy must be maintained at all costs."

Commander Norman: "I'll do my best. But talking of secrecy, how about that character who photographed your aircraft?"

Scott Tracy: "Don't worry, [looks directly at the camera] he'll be taken care of..."

[Scene cuts to motorway. The Hood looks in his mirror. Lady Penelope and Parker are in the pink Rolls-Royce, FAB 1, chasing after him. Scene cuts to FAB 1.]

Parker: "We're closing in on 'im, m'lady."

Lady Penelope: "Good Parker. Wait till we get to a clear stretch of road. We don't want to create a scene."

Parker: "Very good, m'lady."

[Scene briefly cuts to the overhead of a bridge. The Hood's car drives under as does FAB 1 in hot pursuit. Lady Penelope looks behind her. The road is clear.]

Lady Penelope: "Go ahead, Parker."

Parker: "Yes, m'lady."

[Parker fires FAB 1's grille-mounted machine cannon. It catches the back end of the Hood's car. The Hood's car swerves, smashes through the road side barrier, rolls off the road, down the embankment, and finally explodes as it comes to rest.]

Lady Penelope: "Well done, Parker."

Parker: "Thank you, madam. 'Ome, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Home, Parker."

[Scene cuts to The Hood in the wreckage of his car. The camera in his hat pops open, causing the film to spill out, destroyed.]

The Hood: "My pictures! They are ruined! Someone will pay for this!... [proclaiming angrily] International Rescue haven't heard the last of me!"

[Scene cuts to Tracy Villa. It's evening. Alan and Tin-Tin are on the terrace gazing at the night sky. Virgil is playing a tune on the piano. Scott and Gordon are playing chess. Jeff is reading a newspaper. Brains appears at the door.]

Brains: "Mr. Tracy, the doctor would like to see you."

Jeff Tracy: "Just one moment, Brains. Operation Cover-Up."

[He presses a button. The portraits of the five Tracy sons on the wall change from uniformed to non-uniformed.]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Brains. Show him in."

Brains: "Er-er, sure thing, Mr Tracy."

[Brains leaves. Virgil continues playing the tune. The doctor enters.]

Jeff Tracy: "Well doc, what's the verdict?"

Doctor: "Oh, he's A-OK, Jeff. I can't account for that dizzy spell, but I can assure you there's nothing wrong."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, that's great news. Thanks for flying out here the way you did."

Doctor: "Oh, anytime!" [He spots an article in the paper Jeff is holding. It's about the Fireflash rescue. The heading is "International Rescue: Who Are They?"] "Well, how about that, Jeff? Some story, huh?"

Jeff Tracy: "It sure is."

Doctor: "Oh, fantastic, the way the whole thing is cloaked in mystery! I sure would like to know who these people are... cause the one thing I'd like to do is shake 'em by the hand."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, thanks again, doc."

[They shake hands. Alan and Tin-Tin walk in.]

Doctor: "So long, Jeff."

[The doctor leaves.]

Jeff Tracy: "So long." [To the others:] "Well, fellas... I guess that handshake was for all of us... Boys, I think we're in business!"

[Camera zooms in on Virgil as the tune he is playing morphs into a non-diegetic orchestral crescendo and as the optimum of it, the scene fades out. A fine ending to the first episode of Thunderbirds.]