Alan Arrives at Parola SandsEdit

In Move - And You're Dead, Alan arrives in Parola Sands in Thunderbird 2, Virgil and Tin-Tin ferry him in, so he can take part in the race to test a new engine designed by Brains and fitted into a BR2 racing car.

Trapped on a BridgeEdit

Alan and Grandma Tracy are trapped high on the girders of a recently completed suspension bridge over the San Miguel River. A sonic wave generator is positioned nearby. If either of them makes any move, the sonic wave device will register the movement and detonate a bomb attached to the underside of the bridge.

Very slowly, Alan uses his personal inter-call wrist communicator to call Tracy Island.

Having lost the race to Alan Tracy, Johnny tells Victor Gomez that "he would love to get his hands on the plans for Alan's car", and goes on to say "I've got a plan to fix this Alan Tracy for good and for all".

A Close EscapeEdit

When Alan and Kenny arrive at the automobile park in the BR2, Gomez knocks the operator unconscious, and push a stacked car down onto the telecall booth. Luckily for Alan he had just left in the nick of time after making a call to his Grandma.

The RescueEdit

Thunderbird 2 arrives, and using the Neutralizer Tractor, Brains neutralises the sonic wave generator to enable Virgil to manoeuvre the Jet-Air Transporter on to the bridge underneath Alan and Grandma.

Alan falls from the girder, but is caught on a cushion of air emitted by a powerful jet engine on the back of the transporter. Grandma jumps from the bridge and also lands safely on the cushion of air. They escape from the bridge just as the bomb explodes.