"Under Pressure" (sometimes styled as "Underpressure") is the 12th episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!. It was first broadcast on Saturday June 13th, 2015.


A heavy metal extraction platform carrying toxic waste at the bottom of the ocean is in trouble. Gordon rushes in with Thunderbird 4 when a fire on board the rolling factory damages its steering capabilities. With the help of Lady Penelope and Parker on the surface investigating the dealings of the rather 'oily' Hector Ambro, the CEO of the company 'Hydrexler', Gordon must rescue platform operator Ned Tedford and his plant Gladys and prevent the rig from loosing its toxic cargo.


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  • Gordon: "Be careful, I hear Hob-knobbing with corporate types is dangerous work."
  • Penelope: "Why Parker! I believe Gordon is mocking us!"
  • Gordon: "She hung up on me! Some people just can't take a joke."
  • Virgil: "It helps when they actully funny."
  • Virgil: "Wow, now that's one mighty hunk of junk."
  • Gordon: "Who's Gladys? My intel said this was a one man crew."
  • Ned: "That's me, Gladys is my geranium."
  • Ned: "Uh oh? That's a new code for everything's A-Ok, right?"

Equipment UsedEdit

Non-International Rescue Equipment UsedEdit

  • Motorcycle
  • Underwater Rotary Toxins sweeper
  • Global Defence Force Quadjet




  • Although there was the name of Rasmus Hardiker (as the role of Scott Tracy) in the cast appearance at the ending, there were no appearances of him (or his voice) at all.

Foreign titlesEdit

  • Dutch: Onder druk
  • French: Dans les abysses (Into the Abyss)
  • Spanish: Bajo Presión
  • Japanese: 深海からの脱出 (Escape from the Deep Sea)