Alan has a hunch that The Cass Carnaby Five have something to do with the crashing of the RTL-2 flights. The group are currently appearing at Paradise Peaks a super-deluxe hotel high in the Swiss Alps, so Jeff sends Lady Penelope to investigate.

A Date With CookEdit

Parker takes afternoon tea to Lady Penelope who is siting in the garden, he asks her for the rest of the afternoon off, she agrees. Parker is planning to take Lil (The Cook) out for a "punch". He dashes back to his room and put his best suit on, but the plan is dashed as Lady Penelope calls to inform him that their off on a mission.

Excellent ConnectionsEdit

Parker visits an old friend, at International Artistes Management, but Maxie informs him that he is not sending an artist he had never heard of (Wanda Lamour) to Paradise Peaks.

He soon changes his mind when Parker informs him that he recently meet Punchy Patterson, who happened to mention he still has unfinished business. Maxie tells Parker to keep his mouth shut and the deal is done. Parker and Lady Penelope (undercover as "Wanda Lamour") are off to the Swiss Alps.

A Sight For Sore EyesEdit

On arrival at Paradise Peaks and unbeknown to Lady Penelope, Parker gets a job as part-time bouncer at the hotel, and is watching every move from behind the bar.

A Splendid Cup of TeaEdit

Lady Penelope tell Parker that she is having very little success, and right now would enjoy one of his splendid cups of tea. Parker takes the tea to Lady Penelope's room were he tells her he overheard Olsen telling Banino something about expecting a message tomorrow morning.

Parker To The RescueEdit

Parker overhears Olsen telling Banino about Wanda Lamour. Banino attempts to shoot Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin as they ski back to Paradise Peaks, but he is foiled by Parker.

Parker Does It Again!Edit

Parker saves the day again when Olsen cuts the cable cars wires.

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