While Scott, Virgil and Alan are fighting a fire in an English mine, Chip stows away in Thunderbird 2's Pod. When they arrive back on Tracy Island the intruder alert goes off and Jeff Tracy finds himself with a security hazard on his hands.


The intruder alarm signals that there is a saboteur on-board Thunderbird 2, so Jeff, Scott and Gordon stand-by armed with hand guns while Virgil releases the pod. Over the tan Jeff warns the saboteur to come out or he will blast him out. To their surprise the young Chip sticks his head around the corner of the pod entrance and pleads with them not to shoot!

Thunderbirds Are Go!Edit

Jeff takes the boy into the lounge and shows him were he controls the rescues from, to the astonishment of the rest of the family.

Any Bright Ideas?Edit

Jeff tells the boys that they have to get the boy back to his home, and they need to prevent a security leak. As Chip stowed away in England, and its almost directly the other side of the world from the base, instead of Chip being asleep at his home, he's been awake, and very much awake at the base. Because, when it's night in England, it's day time on Tracy Island, they put Chip to bed, and he sleeps like a log, transfer his bed to Thunderbird 2, and at top speed, they get him back to his home before dawn breaks. The boy wakes up in the morning and think that the whole thing has been a dream.

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