Victor Gomez was a character from Move - And You're Dead. He was a race car driver who met an unfortunate end after hijacking a car.



The RaceEdit

Main article: Parola Sands Raceway

The HijackEdit

After winning the Parola Sands Motor race, Alan Tracy calls Grandma, from the parking lot, then drives to her house in his BR2. Having collected Grandma, Alan heads off for a rendezvous with Thunderbird 2, but their car is hijacked by Gomez and Johnny Gillespie, who force them at gunpoint to drive out on to the centre of the San Miguel Bridge.

Alan and Grandma are made to climb up on to the girders of the bridge, then with a sonic wave generator in place, Gomez and Johnny steal the BR2, leaving the Tracys to their fate.

The CrashEdit

Scott Tracy attempts to stop Gomez and Gillespie escaping in the BR2 by strafing the road with machine gun fire. The two villains struggle for control of the steering wheel and crash the car over a cliff.


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