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You might also be looking for the 2004 or 2015 incarnations.

Virgil Tracy is the third or second (conflicting sources) of Jeff Tracy's five sons and the pilot of Thunderbird 2.

Virgil's signature colour on his IR uniform is canary yellow.


Virgil was named by his parents after a Mercury 7 astronaut called Virgil "Gus" Grissom.

He is an accomplished graduate of the Denver School of Advanced Technology. This gave him the experience and knowledge to become the pilot of Thunderbird 2 and its various complex auxiliary rescue vehicles, such as the Mole and the Monobrake.

Virgil has taken part in nearly all of International Rescue's rescue operations with only a couple of exceptions. The most notable case took place in Terror In New York City, when when Thunderbird 2 was attacked while returning to Tracy Island, rendering him incapable of joining the rescue attempt to save two men trapped beneath the ruins of the Empire State Building. And, as Virgil rarely co-pilots Thunderbird 3, he was not involved in the space rescue during The Impostors.

On two on-screen occasions, Scott has undertaken a rescue mission without the help of Virgil or Thunderbird 2. One was during the phony rescue at the start of Cry Wolf. Scott is seen returning from the second at the start of The Uninvited. Later in this same episode, Scott undertakes a mission alone and Virgil -- although he is sent to find Scott when he disappears -- proves to be unnecessary.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Virgil shares a compassionate side of responsibility like his brothers, never placing technology above human needs, even if it means placing his own life in danger. He has a mixed personality that possesses physical strength and bravery with a gentler side of his hobbies of art and piano playing.

Virgil The PainterEdit

Having finally arrive back on Tracy Island, After winning the Parola Sands motor car race, Alan agrees to pose for Virgil so that he can paint his portrait holding the trophy aloft.

When he had finished painting his masterpiece, he showed it to Alan; an unimpressed Alan sent him and Scott down into the hangar below by activating the couch controls..


Virgil 1

Virgil in the pilot's seat of Thunderbird 2.

As well as the pilot of Thunderbird 2, he is also the operator of many of the rescue Pod Vehicles, such as the Mole, Firefly and the Elevator Cars.

Whenever Alan was unavailable, he piloted Thunderbird 3. (Ricochet).


Virgil appears in all 32 television episodes, as well as in all the movies.


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  • Virgil's facial features are based on those of actor Robert Reed.
  • Virgil Tracy was named after Mercury 7 Astronaut Virgil "Gus" Grissom
  • Virgil is ambidextrous.
  • He and other Thunderbirds Characters appeared in British Comedian Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band for BBC Children In Need 2009.

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