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This is a list of the missions Virgil took part in.

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Trapped in the SkyEdit

After arriving at London International Airport in Thunderbird 2, Virgil Tracy takes the three heavy-rescue Elevator Cars out to the end of Runway 29, to help the incoming Fireflash airliner to land with its landing-gear up - thus averting triggering the bomb placed aboard earlier, by The Hood....

As Fireflash makes its approach to the airport, one of the radio-controlled Elevator Cars suddenly develops a fault; and the landing must be aborted at the last second. With a replacement Elevator Car in position, Fireflash makes a second approach, and this time lands on all three Elevator Cars safely. But when Virgil applies maximum brakes, his Master Control Car vehicle slews crazily out of control and crashes - leaving Virgil dazed, upside-down but unhurt.

Pit of PerilEdit

Virgil is lowered into the pit that the Sidewinder has fallen into, to place explosive changes, so that it can be dragged out the pit by the Recovery Vehicles.

City of FireEdit

Cutting EquipmentEdit

During an experiment, Scott and Virgil test some new cutting equipment filled with Oxyhydnatie Gas developed by Brains. However, during the test, both Tracy brothers suddenly pass out...

Thompson Tower FireEdit

Virgil and Scott race to the scene of the Thompson Tower fire, in spite of having only recently recovered from the side-effects of the experiments with the new cutting equipment fuelled by Oxyhydnite gas. As Virgil arrives in Thunderbird 2 (with the Firefly and the Mole in Pod 3), the Tower collapses - raising doubts as to how long it will be before the ceiling of the underground corridor caves in. After clearing a path with the Firefly, he joins Scott Tracy in the Mole and they tunnel into the corridor system, half a mile from the trapped Carter family. They manage to rescue them, just as the corridor finally caves in.

Sun ProbeEdit

When the Sun Probe rocket is unable to pull away from the Sun, Brains realizes that a powerful radio beam is needed to fire the Probe's retros. Jeff Tracy then decides to mount a two-pronged rescue: while Thunderbird 3 heads for space to try to trigger Sun Probe's retros directly, Virgil flies Thunderbird 2 to Mount Arkan so that beams from the powerful Mobile Transmitter will have a better chance of reaching Sun Probe from high up on the mountain. He is accompanied on the mission by Brains who has unfortunately packed his prototype robot (Braman) by mistake, instead of the mobile computer...

The UninvitedEdit

Scott has been shot down over the Sahara Desert, by three unidentified fighter planes. He is found by two explorers, who radio International Rescue. Virgil, Brains and Tin-Tin soon arrive in Thunderbird 2.

Pyramid InvestigationEdit

Investigating Scott's disappearance (for a second time), Virgil and Gordon arrive in Thunderbird 2 near the Lost Pyramid of Khamandides. Scott radios Virgil to warn him to get clear, as the pyramid explodes in a huge fireball.

The Mighty AtomEdit

Virgil takes Gordon and Thunderbird 4 to the Sea Intake of the Saharan Desert atomic irrigation plant, after The Hood starts a fire that's goes out of control.

Vault of DeathEdit

Virgil and Alan Tracy take Thunderbird 2 to London, when Lambert is trapped inside the vault in the Bank of England. But when their planned use of the Mole proves impossible, they use their Hover bikes instead to travel through the disused London Underground tunnels, to reach the bank...

Operation Crash DiveEdit

Virgil and Thunderbird 2 airlift Thunderbird 4 to the west coast of Ireland, to search for the missing Fireflash 4, which has crashed into the sea. Locating Fireflash on the sea-bed, Gordon cut the engines off the massive airliner, allowing it to float to the surface. The two-man crew was then rescued by using the Rescue Cage stowed in TB2's equipment deck.

Also in Operation Crash Dive: Virgil flies Thunderbird 2 close below Fireflash 5, allowing Gordon to ascend into the fuselage / landing gear via an air-to-air unit, to try and determine the cause of the problems - when he finds a Saboteur has disconnected the EPU. The saboteur isn't listening to reason, so Gordon has no choice but to shoot him. He falls out the open hatch and into the ocean. Gordon manages to connect the EPU at the last second, as Fireflash - with himself, Scott and Captain Hanson aboard - is about to crash-dive into the ocean...

Move - and You're DeadEdit

In Thunderbird 2, Virgil and Tin-Tin Kyrano ferry Alan to the Parola Sands Raceway, where he is to take part in a motor race to test a new engine designed by Brains and fitted into a BR2 Racing Car.

Mission to save Alan and Grandma TracyEdit

Virgil arrives at the danger zone in Thunderbird 2 with Pod One, containing the Neutralizer Tractor and the sonic wave generator. With no time to search for the bomb, Brains moves the Neutraliser within range of the bridge and disables it. Virgil then manoeuvres the Jet-Air Transporter onto the bridge itself, underneath where the exhausted Alan and Grandma are trapped.

Alan falls from the girder, but is caught on a cushion of air emitted by a powerful jet engine on the back of the transporter. Grandma jumps from the bridge and also lands safely on the cushion of air. They escape from the bridge just as the bomb finally explodes.

Martian InvasionEdit

Virgil flies Thunderbird 2 (Pod 5) to a movie location in the Nevada desert, where two actors are trapped in a cave that is quickly filling with water. The Hood had fixed the charges, which cause a giant explosion, so that he can film the International Rescue craft when they arrive.

The ExcavatorEdit

Pod 5 carries the Excavator to the danger zone, Virgil clears a path to the cave with the rock-crushing machine, then bores a hole for the trapped men to be flushed out through.

Chase To Stop The HoodEdit

The Hood makes his getaway in his Jeep. Scott, having trouble stopping him, calls for Virgil's help. Thunderbird 2 creates a landslide with its overhead missile launcher, but The Hood still manage to escape, (on foot) into the trees.

Virgil lands TB2 near the woods, so that he can follow on the Hoverbike, but The Hood gives him the slip by stealing an aircraft...

Brink of DisasterEdit

Virgil arrives at the danger zone, and lowers Thunderbird 2's magnetic grabs to remove the stranded monotrain car carrying his father, Brains, Tin-Tin and businessman Warren Grafton to safety, just as the bridge collapses.

The Perils of PenelopeEdit

Virgil, Gordon and Alan arrive in Anderbad in Thunderbird 2, meeting up with Parker in FAB 1. Realizing that Lady Penelope has gone missing, Virgil and Gordon set off into the train tunnel on the Monobrake. As the Anderbad Express approaches, the two brothers discover Godber's hideout. A gunfight ensues, but the control panel in the sub-station is destroyed and the train cannot be stopped! Virgil sharp-shoots the rope which holds Penelope in place - and she falls out of the path of the train, as it comes hurtling through the tunnel.

Terror in New York CityEdit

Oil Well FireEdit

International Rescue are called when an oil well burns out of control. Scott oversees the operation from the nearby gantry, while Virgil in the Firefly fires a charge into the base of the fire to extinguish the flames.

Shot Down in FlamesEdit

On the way back to Tracy Island, Virgil comes under attack by the U.S. Navy, putting Thunderbird 2 out of action for several weeks. While repairs are being undertaken, two reporters are trapped beneath the ruins of the Empire State Building. Rescuing them would normally be no trouble with Thunderbird 2's equipment, but more unorthodox methods must now be used instead...

Emergency LandingEdit

Thunderbird 2 is attacked by missiles launched from the U.S.N. Sentinel. The giant craft is hit and badly damaged, and only narrowly avoids crashing into the sea. Virgil struggles to coax his stricken Thunderbird to a crash-landing on Tracy Island. He is not badly hurt, but TB2 will be out of action for weeks.

The Moving of the Empire State BuildingEdit

An injured Virgil watches the moving of the Empire State Building on television from his sickbed, with Gordon for company.

End of the RoadEdit

Virgil and Alan fly off to South-East Asia to save Eddie Houseman when he is trapped inside the Gray & Houseman Explosives Truck, perched on the edge of a mountainside.

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Day of DisasterEdit

Edge of ImpactEdit

Desperate IntruderEdit

Virgil takes Brains and Tin-Tin to Lake Anasta in Thunderbird 2, equipped with pod 5, carrying their Field Mission Half-Track pulling two caravans.

To the RescueEdit

Jeff is worried that the Anasta Expedition team have not called in, and dispatches Thunderbird 1 and 2 to the scene. The Hood watches the arrival of the craft from his submarine...

Brains is TrappedEdit

Scott reports that the Automatic Camera Detector in Thunderbird 1 has been activated, and Brains realizes that they've all walked into a trap.

That night, Brains makes a second dive into the Lake and discovers treasure stored in one of the sunken Temple's pillars. But he trips over an alarm set by The Hood and, following a series of wires along the lake bed, soon runs into The Hood himself, who hypnotizes him once again.

The Hood blows up the temple to try and reveal the hidden treasure, but traps Brains beneath one of the columns in the process. Virgil opens pod 4 and sends Gordon in Thunderbird 4 down to his rescue.

After thwarting The Hood's torpedo-attack on Thunderbird 4, Gordon can - at last! - rescue Brains, and sends for Scott to assist him. Virgil takes over at Mobile Control.

30 Minutes after NoonEdit

Virgil and Alan go down in the Dicetylene Cage, to rescue Tom Prescott who is trapped at the bottom of the lift shaft, in the burning Hudson Building.

The Plutonium StoreEdit

Virgil and Scott arrive at the Plutonium Store and, using the Laser Cutter Vehicle, they burn their way through the series of locked security doors, penetrating the main storage area. While Virgil frees Southern from the Robot's grip, Scott loads the three explosive bracelets aboard Thunderbird 1 and dumps them in the sea, where they detonate with only seconds to spare.

The ImpostorsEdit

Virgil took no part in the rescue.

The Man from MI.5Edit

Vergil takes Gordon and Thunderbird 4 to the French Riviera, to hunt for the criminals' Mini-Sub.

Cry WolfEdit

Tracy Island gets a visit from Bob Williams and Tony Williams

Mission to Rescue the BoysEdit

Bob and Tony have been trapped in the old tin mine, by The Hood. Jeff realizes the boys are not crying wolf and that their call for help was genuine. Virgil and Alan race to Charity Springs in Thunderbird 2.

When TB2 arrives at the mine, Alan and Virgil utilize Manual Descending Equipment to lower themselves down the mine shaft, and the Radio Direction Finder to quickly pinpoint the boys' location. They rescue Tony and Bob, just as the mine collapses around them.

Danger at Ocean DeepEdit

Crew Rescue from Ocean Pioneer IIEdit

Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are launched, to save the three-man crew of Ocean Pioneer II who are trapped inside their marooned ship.

Virgil and John arrive in TB2, and John is lowered on to the deck. Scott cuts through the sealed door of the ship's Bridge, and the two brothers rescue the crewmen, ferrying them away in TB2.


The Duchess AssignmentEdit

In The Duchess Assignment, Virgil is needed to take The Mole to a Country House, to help in the rescue of the Duchess of Royston who has been kidnapped and left in the cellar of the burning building.

Attack of the Alligators!Edit

Communication RepairEdit

After all communications are lost with Thunderbird 5, Virgil takes Alan in Thunderbird 2 to the Communications Mast on Mateo Island, to carry out repairs.

Alligator Attack!Edit

Virgil takes Alan and Gordon to the danger zone when giant alligators are attacking a house, with people trapped inside...

The Cham-ChamEdit

Virgil and Alan Tracy have set out for the Paradise Peaks Hotel in Thunderbird 2, just in case Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin need help. This is fortuitous, as Olsen cuts the lines on their cable car (despite Cass Carnaby's desperate attempt to stop him) as they leave the hotel. The car hurtles down the mountainside, with TB2 in hot pursuit...

Security HazardEdit

Virgil shows </nowiki>Chip Morrison Thunderbird 2 and then tell him how the craft was instrumental in the rescue of Eddie Houseman (in End Of The Road), trapped in his Explosives Truck and balanced precariously on a mountain ledge.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

Path of DestructionEdit

When the Crablogger goes on a path of destruction, Virgil and Brains set out on a mission to stop it, before the out-of-control behemoth crashes into the San Martino Dam

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Alias Mr. HackenbackerEdit

Virgil and Alan set off in Thunderbird 2, after receiving an emergency message from Lady Penelope that the Skythrust airliner she is aboard has been hijacked...

Lord Parker's 'OlidayEdit

Virgil takes Alan and Brains to Monte Bianco, when a thunderstorm knocks over a solar generator, threatening to destroy the town by fire.


At the beginning of the episode we see Virgil piloting Thunderbird 3, taking Brains into space.

Virgil and Brains fly off to the Middle East in Thunderbird 2, to shoot down the stricken Pirate Satellite TV Station KLA before it can crash-land near a major oil refinery. But things suddenly change for the worse, leaving them to face an impossible decision...

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Give or Take a MillionEdit

Thunderbirds Are Go (Film)Edit

Thunderbird 6 (Film)Edit

The Abominable SnowmanEdit

Meddings Uranium FactoryEdit

The Meddings Uranium Factory is being destroyed by a devastating fire caused by The Hood. The plant continues to explode until Virgil arrives at the danger zone in Thunderbird 2. He drops three fire-extinguishing capsules into the blaze, saving the factory from total destruction.

Finding PenelopeEdit

Flying to the Himalayas in Thunderbird 2, Virgil joined Scott in the rescue of Lady Penelope. He approached the ice-cave, but was warned by Scott to stay away as the cave was about to explode.