A collection of images showing the outfits worn by Virgil.


Protective ClothingEdit

Heat Resistant SuitEdit

In Pit of Peril, Virgil is lowered into the pit in protective clothing so he can lay explosive charges.

His suit included communications and breathing gear and was equipped with an axe, pistol, and an adjustable spanner. The explosive charges were clipped to his belt. Virgil also wore this outfit at the controls of Firefly.

Other Types of Heat Resistant SuitsEdit

Virgil used several different versions of the heat resistant suit.
The harness could be removed for driving, also modified face masks were available.

Casual Dress WearEdit

Brown Waist CoatEdit

This was a favourite outfit of Virgil's. He wore it in The Perils of Penelope, The Uninvited, Sun Probe, Operation Crash-Dive, Brink of Disaster, Vault Of Death, The Mighty Atom, City Of Fire, The Impostors, Cry Wolf, Danger At Ocean Deep, Move And You're Dead, Pit of Peril, Attack of the Alligators!, Martian Invasion, Atlantic Inferno, Path Of Destruction, Lord Parker's 'Oliday, Ricochet and Give or Take a Million.

He also wears it in his Operation Cover-up portrait.

Formal Dress WearEdit