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"Time for some heavy lifting!"

Virgil Tracy is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. He is the pilot of Thunderbird 2, and is dubbed 'The Peacemaker' of International Rescue. He is the third eldest of Jeff Tracy's sons and is the younger brother of Scott and John, and the older brother of Gordon and Alan as well as the adoptive brother of Kayo and the third grandson of Grandma Tracy.

Personality & TraitsEdit

"At first glance, Virgil is imposing to look at, but he is in actual fact the most sensitive member of the Tracy Family. Virgil is the strongest of the Tracy brothers and is more often engaged in physical combat and is more than capable when it comes to engineering tasks and equipment. A gifted musician and artist (though he wouldn't want you to know that), he is calm, level-headed, and the voice of reason during a rescue mission."

Virgil is, despite his rather big and stern appearance, an affectionate goofball, who delivers one delightfully corny one liner after another. This makes him a great reassurance to rescue victims combined with his calmness and intelligence. His almost deadpan, joking personality goes well with his brothers, especially Gordon Tracy, whom he often travels with in Thunderbird 2 and seems to have a playful rivalry with. He never skips a chance to tell Gordon that his jokes suck, or to prank him, such as when he turned off Thunderbird 2's shower controls before a sweaty Gordon could meet with Lady Penelope in Falling Skies. Virgil's silliness seems to hide an element of gracefulness to him, what with his piano playing skills which were demonstrated in Chain Of Command and Up from the Depths Part 1.

Virgil's greatest strength is his realistic and logical thinking, which makes him and the more headstrong Scott Tracy an ideal duo. Every time Scott has told Virgil not to get involved with missions that seem simple enough, the latter disobeys, as he believes "You should always have a backup". This belief proves wise in episodes like Crosscut (where the Mole was needed) and Fireflash (where Thunderbird 2 was needed). Virgil is always able to talk some sense into Scott at his most heedless. With Doctor Peck from Breakdown however, trying to reason doesn't work for Virgil, so he attempted to simply pick the Doctor up and carry him out of the danger zone.

Virgil can be quite sensitive on a personal level, as he was upset when he got the impression that everyone forgot his birthday in Breakdown, and didn't leave him a slice of cake when it turned out they had a surprise party planned because Virgil was on such a long mission (MAX left him a slice, however). Virgil was also shown in Unplugged to be very dependent on his technology, and he felt helpless, pessimistic and angry without it when an E.M.F. across London took it away from him. Luckily, Grandma Tracy was there to show him much more simple, old fashioned techniques, and using nothing but brains, brawn and bravery, Virgil brought himself to play a major role in stopping the Luddites' plan. His over-reliance on technology wouldn't completely go away, however, as he would equip the Power Suit in later episodes without seeming to get much use out of it, most notably in Touch And Go.

Notable EpisodesEdit

Main article: /Missions

Since Virgil is the pilot of 'The Big Bird', he usually has the equipment needed to perform a large majority of rescues.


Virgil and Grandma Tracy are meeting up with Lady Penelope in London when a EMF generator cuts the power out to the entire city and anything over it (including Thunderbird 2). With the help of Grandma Tracy, they both track down the source of the power disruption and put a stop to it.


It's Virgil's birthday and he's been sent out on a solo rescue to an ice shelf to investigate a breakdown, only to find that it's deep in the ice. After having a run in with Doctor Gergory Peck, he learns that they were down there trying to find something that would aid in a cure for his daughter's illness and offers to aid him.


When a power station in the Arctic circle starts to overload, Virgil and Scott are sent out to try and prevent it from becoming a disaster. While MAX happens to be the one who saves the day, Virgil does get to have a serious talk with Scott about his recklessness and offers his brother some compassion and a reminder that he is only human.


Promotional ImagesEdit


  • Virgil is the only character so far to have a birthday in the series. His birthday is on the 15th of August, the same day as his original 1960's counterpart.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: バージル・トレーシー
  • Chinese: 維吉·崔西

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