Equipment & Vehicles
W.N.S Reaper
Type: Nuclear Submarine
Affiliation: World Navy
Crew: Unnamed Captain
Unnamed Lieutenant
Appearances: Atlantic Inferno

W.N.S. Reaper is a nuclear submarine deployed by the World Navy. It featured briefly in Atlantic Inferno, when it was testing some gyropedoes by firing them at a submarine.

12 reaper



She's a Maverick!Edit

One of the gyropedoes went haywire by flying out of the water and going on a collision course with the seabed, causing a fire to spread. International Rescue arrived on-scene and Gordon in Thunderbird 4 put a sealing device on the seabed spot in an attempt to stop the fire from spreading.

Technical DataEdit

  • Beam: 60 feet
  • Length: 420 feet


  • The model for W.N.S. Reaper was reused as the Clam Class submarine in the episode White As Snow in Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons, the Andersons' next series.
    • Speaking of which, a picture of the Reaper features in the 2017 Captain Scarlet: Spectrum Agents’ Manual, specifically next to the cross-section of the Clam Class submarine. As the latter vessel is said to have been based on the “original ‘Reaper’ prototype”, it can be inferred that said picture appears purely to illustrate what the Reaper looks like.
  • The Complete Book of Thunderbirds erroneously refers to the sub as the "Reefer".

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