W.N.S. Reaper is a nuclear submarine deployed by the World Navy. It featured briefly in Atlantic Inferno, when it was testing some gyropedoes by firing them at a submarine.



She's a Maverick!Edit

One of the gyropedoes went haywire by flying out of the water and going on a collision course with the seabed, causing a fire to spread. International Rescue arrived on-scene and Gordon in Thunderbird 4 put a sealing device on the seabed spot in an attempt to stop the fire from spreading.


  • The model for W.N.S. Reaper was reused as the Clam Class Submarine in the episode White As Snow in Captain Scarlet and The Mysterons, the Andersons' next series.
  • The Complete Book of Thunderbirds erroneously refers to the sub as the "Reefer".

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