The W.N.S Atlantic is an aircraft carrier in the World Navy and is a flagship of the United States Fleet in the World Navy. It featured prominently in Atlantic Inferno. It also made cameos in The Impostors and the movie Thunderbirds Are Go.

Technical DataEdit

Aircraft carrying capacity: In excess of 150
Displacement: 80,000 tons
Power source: Atomic fusion reactor
Top speed: 70 knots


1 standard 12-inch naval gun in front of the bridge. Several missile launchers mounted behind the bridge.


The ImpostorsEdit

The Atlantic was one of ships tasked with finding the International Rescue headquarters after International Rescue was believed to have faked a rescue in order to steal several top secret United States Military documents. International Rescue were considered Criminals by the US Army and General Lambert ordered his men to find International Rescue's base and bring them to justice, even if it meant covering every inch on Earth. The search was called off due to the discovery of the two International Rescue impostors.

Atlantic InfernoEdit

The Atlantic along with several ships witnessed the testing of gyropedoes being tested by the atomic submarine W.N.S. Reaper, which ended badly when the second gyropedo malfunctioned and impacted into the seabed causing a gas field beneath the ocean to explode, causing a massive fire on the Atlantic Ocean. International Rescue soon arrived on the scene and launched Thunderbird 4 with a Sealing device which was planted on top of the blow hole in order to stop the fire. Later, several other fires on the Ocean, large powerful waves and the fires were heading for the oil rig Seascape. Two men went into a diving bell to check the damage on Seascape when pieces of debris landed on the diving bell, trapping it and the two men on the sea bed. The Atlantic sent in Helijets to evacuate Seascape until International Rescue arrived and Thunderbird 4 got the diving bell away from Seascape which collapsed after catching fire.

Crew of the W.N.S AtlanticEdit

Thunderbirds Are GoEdit


In the movie Thunderbirds Are Go

W.N.S. Atlantic was also responsible for picking up the crew of Zero X I in the escape capsule after its control system was accidentally jammed by The Hood.


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