A World Air Force Wombat.

The Wombat is a supersonic fighter-bomber used by the World Air Force capable of reaching speeds of up to 3000 mph. It is also used as a carrier for smaller Fighter Jets such as a WAF Dart 1 Parasite. The Wombat has four jet-engines at the rear for forward propulsion, as well as three VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) engines.

It only appeared in The Duchess Assignment.

Technical DataEdit

Height: 8 metres
Length: 52 metres
Range: 28,600 kilometres
Weight (empty): 42,338 kilogrammes
Weight (full): 130,060 kilogrammes
Wingspan: 49.05 metres

The Wombat In ActionEdit

The Wombat demonstrated its use as a carrier aircraft at The London Air Display.

While flying above the airport the Wombat holds a steady cruising speed, as to allow a "Parasite" aircraft to position itself above. The pilot then (with great skill) lowers his craft onto the back of the carrier, until the wheels are held in clamps which automatically closes when in position. The pilot is then able to use his ejector seat to escape the aircraft. The Wombat then can land the plane safely onto the ground.


  • The unusual WAF markings combined the standard USAF 'star and bar' with a West German Air Force cross from unknown kit resources.

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