Wanda Lamour (Lady Penelope)2

Wanda Lamour was Lady Penelope's cover (disguise) while investigating the sabotage of the RTL-2 flights in The Cham-Cham.

Posing as a lounge singer, she sings Dangerous Game with the Cass Carnaby Five at Paradise Peaks. Her changing of the notes diverts the enemy fighters away from the transport flights.


Off To ParadiseEdit

Alan has a hunch that The Cass Carnaby Five have something to do with the crashing of the RTL-2 flights. The group are currently appearing at Paradise Peaks, a super-deluxe hotel high up in the Swiss Alps, so Jeff sends Lady Penelope to investigate.

Show businessEdit

Lady Penelope hatches a plan to appear at the hotel undercover as a torch singer, Parker is sent to visit an old friend to arrange it and on his return is fooled by the disguise.

First Night at Paradise PeaksEdit

After booking in at the hotel, Penelope and Tin-Tin watch The Cass Carnaby Five perform live, afterwards, she gets up close to Cass Carnaby to start her inquires.

A Sight For Sore EyesEdit

Unbeknown to Lady Penelope, Parker gets a job as part-time bouncer at the hotel, and is watching every move from behind the bar.

Lady Penelope tell Parker that she is having very little success, and right now would enjoy one of his splendid cups of tea. Parker takes the tea to Lady Penelope's room were he tells her he overheard Olsen telling Banino something about expecting a message tomorrow morning.

A Musical Discovery Edit

Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin ski to Olsen's chalet and secretly film him working at a complex computer board. They see a message decoding from musical sounds: "Next rocket transporter departing today local time 14.00 hours. Destruction imperative". The pair are spotted by Olsen. who calls his associate, Banino, at the hotel. Banino attempts to shoot Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin as they ski back to Paradise Peaks but he is foiled by Parker who has overheard his phone conversation with Olsen

A Fast GetawayEdit

Virgil and Alan Tracy have set out for Paradise Peaks Hotel in Thunderbird 2, just in case Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin need help. This is fortuitous, as Olsen cuts the lines on their cable car as they leave the hotel. The car hurtles down the mountainside with Thunderbird 2 in hot pursuit.

Parker climbs out on to the top of the car to attach guide lines from Thunderbird 2, using an umbrella to take hold of the lines. Thunderbird 2's Retros halt the car's descent.