What Made Thunderbirds Go! is the second biography of Gerry Anderson. It was published in 2002.

While in the process of completing his manuscript for Anderson's first biography, Simon Archer tragically died following a car accident. As a result, Stan Nicholls completed the biography which was published in 1996, three years after Archer's death.

Five years later, a second biography was mooted with Anderson insisting that Archer's manuscript be used in the form of groundwork.

In addition to revising Archer's manuscript, with Anderson and his wife Mary helping to make it a pleasure, Marcus Hearn conducted extensive interviews with Anderson. Extracts from the aforementioned interviews feature in the book.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Author's (Hearn's) acknowledgments: grateful thanks to Samantha, his "beautiful doctor of space medicine". Thanks also to: Chris Bentley, Andrew Pixley for invaluable advice; Andrew Frampton, Adrian Rigelsford for the provision of useful research materials; Ben Dunn, John Glen, David Hanks, Sue Harman, Justin Richards, Jonathan Rigby, John Sinfield, April Warman for support; Ed Bishop, John Needham, Alan Pattillo for answering his queries; Canal Plus, Carlton International Media, Dave Finchett for permission to reproduce particular stills; Bob Bailey, Chris Drake, Martin Gainsford, Alan Howard, Randall Larson, Ralph Titterton, whose articles are quoted within the text. Special thanks due to Gerry and Mary Anderson for their generous hospitality, as well as helping to make Archer's revised manuscript a pleasure - a aim they had in common with Hearn.
  • Authors: Simon Archer, Marcus Hearn
  • Colour separations by: Radstock Reproductions Ltd, Midsomer Norton
  • Commissioning editor: Ben Dunn
  • Copyright: Marcus Hearn and the estate of Simon Archer 2002
  • Designer: Linda Blackmore
  • First published: 2002
  • ISBN: 0 563 53481 8
  • Jacket printed by: Lawrence-Allen, Weston-super-Mare
  • Printed and bound in: Great Britain by Butler & Tanner Ltd, Frome and London
  • Production controller: Kenneth McKay
  • Project editor: April Warman
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  • Reprinted: 2002
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