Wilbur Dandridge III is a character from The Duchess Assignment. He is head of Gazelle Automations Inc. in New York and an old friend of Jeff Tracy.



A Visit from Jeff TracyEdit

Jeff Tracy is visiting England for the London air display, so Lady Penelope takes Jeff to an art gallery to behold the Duchess' painting. Jeff has an idea and visits Wilbur Dandridge, head of Gazelle Automations, at his incredible automated office in New York (America). Dandridge is crazy about gazelles and falls in love with the Braquasso picture. Jeff lets Lady Penelope know, Dandridge is interested in buying the painting, and she arranges a meeting at Creighton-Ward Manor so they can talk about a sale.

A Trip to Creighton-Ward ManorEdit

Lady Penelope invites Dandridge to her home for a meeting with the Duchess of Royston, she will not sell at any price but agrees to a rental arrangement, insisting that she ferries the painting to New York herself.

Dandridge Smells a RatEdit

Chandler visits Wilbur Dandridge with the painting calming to represent the Duchess of Royston demanding the rental money, but Dandridge smells a rat and alerts the police. He pulls a gun on Chandler, but it gores off darning a struggle and the painting is ruined.

A Trip to the HospitalEdit

After the Duchess has been rescued she is taken to hospital, were she is visited by Wilbur. He revels the fate of the Braquasso painting, but the Duchess is unconcerned for that painting was a copy. The real painting was rolled up inside her umbrella the whole time.


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