The Wood Pulp Transporter is a type of vehicle from Path Of Destruction.

The Crablogger was supported by a fleet of transporters. Their job was to ferry the Crablogger's output of processed wood pulp, which amounted to 60 barrels every 30 minutes, over to a collection point.


  • Two miniature models were used during filming. They look very similar, but not quite identical. The most obvious difference is the shape of the rear side-window

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  • They also appear together as fire trucks in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker, type 1 in its Wood Pulp Transporter guise, type 2 with the Superon tanks on the back.
  • The type 2 model briefly appears in the movie Thunderbird 6, at Dover Missile Base. It was later turned into the Yellow Fox tanker truck for use in the subsequent series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.