Saving the ever-imperiled citizens of Thunderworld on a daily basis can sure be thirsty work, and the only way to recover all those lost hydrolytes is with a special blend of cola. While surely the idea of a meagre soft drink being used to revitalise both body and mind may be ridiculous at first, this certainly is no ordinary drink.

No, where the likes of Grunge Cola come up flat, Yo Cola steps in right on time and hits the mark with pinpoint accuracy. With a blitzing sugary boost and enough bubbles to make one’s nose tingle, only Yo Cola can be assured to get you through yet another tiring day of watching people through computer monitors on a planet below.

Yo Cola. With a drink like that, the only alert you’ll ever have to worry about is when your bottle runs out.

Turbocharged ThunderbirdsEdit

While they waited for Thunderbird 2 to reach the Lost Pyramid, Roxette made the most of her brief break and proudly showed off to Tripp her latest invention: the Boomer Gun. As she did so, Tripp started drinking a Yo Cola, commenting on how impressive the new weapon was. He subsequently tested it out by taking a quick swig of drink, and burping.

Tripp thought it was great, but Roxette vehemently disapproved.


Yo Cola made one fleeting appearance: The Lost Pyramid, the sixth episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.


  • Although the exact ingredients are unknown, given the drink results in almost immediate burping, it must have a high level of carbonated water (a key ingredient for soft drinks).
  • The packaging is similar in shape and colour to Ribena Squeeze, albeit rounder and with a straw.

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