The Zero-X spacecraft

The Zero-X was a solar system exploration spaceship that appeared in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go. It is composed of five parts, all possessing their own flight capability.

Initially, one Zero-X spaceship was built, but it was accidentally sabotaged by The Hood when he got his foot stuck in the trim hydraulic. This jammed the control system and Zero-X crash dived into the sea and exploded.

The second Zero-X was the same as the first. It required the help of International Rescue after suffering a circuit failure. Although they did manage to save the crew, the second Zero-X was destroyed upon crash-landing in Craigsville.

Technical DataEdit

  • Length: 1,190 feet
  • Wingspan: 780 feet
  • Weight: 11,460 tons
  • Total delta velocity: 40 miles per second
  • Standard acceleration: 1 g.
  • Maximum acceleration: 10 g.
  • Emergency acceleration: 15 g.
  • Crew: Normally five
  • Manufacturer: New World Aircraft Corporation
  • Weaponry: One blaster cannon, fitted to the MEV


  • Main body: 8 variable-mode engines operating as chemical rockets in space, or as variable-cycle jet engines using air intakes in atmospheric flight. 2 pitch and yaw rockets.
  • Lifting Body 1 & 2: 8 variable-cycle turbo ram jets. 4 under each wing. 5 centrally mounted variable-mode gas turbine jets. 2 wing-tip booster jet engines.
  • Martian excursion vehicle: 2 chemical booster rockets. Variable mode gravity generator providing internal artificial gravity and additional lift and hover capabilities on planetary surfaces and during take-off.
  • Nose cone: 2 Rosenthal-Hodge Dynamics sustainer rockets.

Landing GearEdit


The Main Body's rear landing gear


The rear of the craft during takeoff. All 5 landing gears seen here belong to Lifting Body 2.

  • Main body: Front and rear landing gears with a total of 40 wheels (4 bogies with 10 wheels each). The rear landing gear is only used for taxiing out onto the apron: it has to be retracted before Lifting Body 2 can be attached.
  • Lifting Body 1: Two landing gears in the wing tip nacelles. Both are single bogies with 8 wheels each.
  • Lifting Body 2: Five landing gears with a total of 36 wheels. Four are situated in the wings, and have 8 wheels each. The fifth, with four wheels, is located in the nosecone.

Lifting Bodies 1 & 2Edit

Both Lifting Bodies are virtually identical. The only major difference is the fact that Lifting Body 1's wingtips can fold down 90 degrees to support the Zero X's aeroframe during takeoff - L:ifting Body 2's cannot (and do not need to). Lifting Body 1 is attached on top of the spaceship just behind the MEV roof, while Lifting Body 2 is attached underneath the main engine section at the very rear of the ship.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • Two different-sized models were used during filming. They were so carefully crafted that in the finished movie, they can only be told apart by minutely examining their paneling lines.
  • The large model of Zero-X (used for close-up shots of the craft) was around 7 feet (2.1 meters) long.
  • Filming Zero-X II's destruction in Craigsville took around two days.



Penelope's paper. The Zero X story is just on the left (click to enlarge).


On its mission to Mars, the Zero-X had a crew of three, accompanied by two scientists.


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